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Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”
— Anthony J. D'Angelo

The start of a beautiful love affair...

Our love of Bayshore began long before the growth in the area and certainly before it was even known as "Bayshore." NBBR Owner and Broker, Diane Sullivan, knew the area as Kelly Road. Its' beginnings are humble. Despite having water and being located near downtown, Kelly Road was known as a blue-collar, fishing community. By the 1980's, it had become known for its' seedy underbelly- a reputation which preceded it into the following decade. However, Irene Lichtefeld, a local resident, became a champion for change. She fought tirelessly to create a better Bayshore. Irene walked door to door, asking business owners and homeowners alike to sign the petition for the name change. After much time and dedication, the change was finally approved. With this, came the beautification of Bayshore and the neighborhood began to flourish into the walking neighborhood it is today. Residents are truly invested Bayshore. With its' unique mixed-use and live-work zoning, people live, work and spend their money here.

All of this rich history came into play when Diane decided to open NBBR. She loved the sense of Old Florida charm with a modern, eclectic twist of the area. She was enamored with people of all walks of life who came together to breath new life into their community. Naples Botanical Garden was a bike ride away from her home and not to mention all of her favorite restaurants were within walking distance! Diane then looked at the numbers and realized millions were invested into Bayshore and not one brokerage was dominating the sales -perhaps because of its' seedy past. She then left the comfort of her success with a franchise real estate company and bravely ventured into her new business. Since opening our doors, we have fallen more and more in love with our community and we are sure if you get the chance to visit, you will too.  



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