Different Realtors

The Truth About Realtors®

 As of July 5, 2017, the Department of Business and Professional Regulation had 195,613,810 Real Estate Agents registered in Florida! I hate to admit this but here is the truth: Not all Realtors® are created equal.  To some, customers are merely a way to pay the bills. Others use their sense of power to scam money out of potential buyers or sellers. Then there are the those you give their customers the bare minimum.  Those are the ones who put a sign up, cross their fingers and hope it sells. You know, the kind who take photos of your property with their cell phone and place them in MLS, toilet seat up and all. If your Realtor shows up for pictures with their cell phone and tells you the mess in the room is fine, rip your contract up! A "good" Realtor® will see the problem (dirty room, bathroom, etc.) and offer a solution (Photoshop the mess out, hire cleaning people, etc.). I remember early on in the Real Estate career,  I went to take pictures of a property my customer was selling and one of the rooms was a complete and utter mess. I did not want to skip taking pictures of the room and I did not want the mess to end up in the photos so I did what I had to do: I took every unnecessary item out of the room, took the pictures and then put everything back. Was it ideal? Not really but it was a solution.

When it comes to Realtors®, you have to hire one who is willing to do what is best for you. Don't hire your neighbor, your mom's friend, your friend from high school or anyone else you feel obligated to hire. Hire the Agent who cares about you and places your needs ahead of their own. I had a customer who called me back in 2015 wanting to buy a lot in a particular area we were selling. After talking with her about how much money she had, what she wanted to do with her money and her goals, I figured out a better area for her to put her money; it was an area with a lot more growth. She ended up calling me again in 2017, wanting to sell. I talked to her and although I wanted to sell her lot, I advised her to hold on to it a little bit longer because it would be worth more in a matter of a year or two. She insisted on selling and so we put it on the market and in less than one month, we had an offer. We sold it for almost double what she paid for! The moral of the story is, find a Realtor® who will listen to what you want and do what is best for you. I could have sold my customer the original lot I was selling in the other neighborhood and made commission off of both sides but I didn't because that would not have best suited her needs. I could have jumped at the opportunity to sell her lot without looking at the numbers but again, I didn't. I told her the truth: she would be better off waiting. Your Agent needs to listen to you and advise you as best as they can. They shouldn't consider your business as a way to pay an upcoming bill.